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20 - Nov - 2014

Reflections are award winning Hair and Beauty salon's established over 15 years ago, situated in Hexham and Corbridge.


No Needle Mesotherapy

Beauty Room

Mesotherapy is a medical technique which traditionally involved injecting a special blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and plant extracts beneath the skin in order to reverse the physiology of particular problem, i.e. cellulite, stretch marks, weight loss.

The Eporex Health & Beauty Station sends an electrical wave through the mesotherapy ingredients which pushes them painlessly through the skin without needles or harm to the skin (technology known as Isophoresis).

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Weight Loss 30min £60.00
Cellulite 30min £60.00
Stretch Marks 30min £60.00
Anti-Ageing Facial 45min £60.00
Alopecia 30min £60.00
Salicylic Acid Facial Peel   £80.00
Course of 7 treatments is recommended   £350.00

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